Women’s Wellness and Empowerment: An Inspired Perspective

Just last week, I was watching a public television broadcast about the women’s movement in the 1970’s, and was incredibly struck by how much positive transformation we’ve seen in the last 40 years. While I certainly do recall those days, it’s now hard to relate to a time when we were so personally and culturally disempowered.

Fast forward to 2009 and the Vancouver Peace Summit, when the Dalai Lama made his now-famous quote: “The world will be saved by the Western woman.” This is thrilling, not just for women but for our world: in just a few decades we have created a global culture which recognizes the extreme imbalance of male/female energy that has existed for many thousands of years, and the serious problems resulting from this imbalance.

I’ve often reflected on the Dalai Lama’s invitation to us, and here’s my take. As women, we do have an opportunity to help balance this destructive imbalance by actively bringing more female energy into the world. But as products of the imbalanced world in which we were raised (remember the 70’s?), many of us are not yet balanced ourselves, and so our ability to bring this about can be quite challenged, even now.

What I have discovered is that the nature of female energy is radically different from the world of male energy, which is almost entirely outer-directed, adrenaline-based, and thrives on a “no-pain-no-gain” credo. Female energy, on the other hand, draws on inner wisdom, is based on oxytocin (the “tend and befriend” hormone), and flowers in a context of pleasure.In working with women as a wellness practitioner for the last 20+ years, I’ve not surprisingly seen this imbalance manifest for us as widespread hormone imbalances. The toxicity and stress that mess with our hormones are direct results of the values of our imbalanced world, and most of us carry them in our bodies. It’s one of the biggest wellness problems I see, and it underlies many other health problems in more subtle ways. For many women, hormone imbalances are so severe that they interfere with our quality of life, our sexual expression, and our ability to experience pleasure.

It has therefore become clear to me that in order to “save the world,” we need to balance our own hormones. Let’s face it: when we’re stuck in a PMS rage, driven mad by hot flashes, or seeing double because we’re too stressed out to sleep well, we’re hardly at our best. Women in positions of leadership need to be clear and balanced in order to access their own power, and to guide the choices that can indeed help design a more balanced world.

Balance is an inside job. We can’t create it with the male approach, an arsenal of more harmful synthetic hormones that manipulate our bodies. We need to simply embrace our own feminine wisdom, and with the right personal choices, our bodies are intelligent enough to figure out the rest.

I look forward to sharing much more about your exquisite potential for balance. Thank you for joining me on this journey.


Susan Joyce ProctorSusan Joyce Proctor, DAy, MBA is a Women’s Wellness & Empowerment Mentor with professional certifications that include Ayurvedic Medicine, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Management of Menopause TypeTM. Susan specializes in natural hormone balance and restoration, holistic weight management and “ageless aging,” as well as general wellness and vitality. Based in Delray Beach, FL, she is a speaker and writer and also mentors women all over the world. Susan can be reached at www.SusanJoyceProctor.com.


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