Susan Joyce Proctor

Empowering women to reach their full power
through hormonal and constitutional balance

“Balance is an inside job. Women need to be aligned with their own
inner wisdom to fulfill our potential for creating a more balanced world.”
~ Susan Joyce Proctor


Susan Joyce Proctor, D.Ay., M.B.A., is a dynamic speaker with over 30 years’ experience inspiring diverse audiences throughout the US and Australia. A seasoned wellness practitioner as well as a former NY bank VP, she offers a proprietary healing model that optimizes the potential for women’s balance, vitality and leadership in the 21st century. Susan is passionate about supporting other women in reaching their full power through hormonal and constitutional balance, and her knowledge in this field is quite unique and terrifically empowering. Her personal perspective, with visible results and long term success, make her an example that others will want to follow. She has presented to organizations that include Fortune 500 corporations, the Pentagon, the United Nations Women’s Health NGO, private groups and associations, on radio and cable TV, as an Adjunct University Professor, and as co-host of an internet TV show. Susan’s professional certifications include Ayurvedic Medicine, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Management of Menopause TypeTM. Her first book is available on Kindle, and her second will be published by Hay House in Spring 2016.

Susan Joyce Proctor specializes in these areas:

Women’s Health, Natural Hormone Balance & Menopause
Holistic Weight Management
Nutrition & Lifestyle Strategies for Anti-Aging
Ayurvedic Medicine


We were extremely fortunate to feature Susan as a guest on one of our talk show segments this year.  Many have asked what I thought of her performance and the word that immediately comes to mind is “WOW!”  She is, quite frankly, a breath of fresh air. Her speaking style is clear, concise, and engaging.  She is an innovative woman who is an inspiration to those who are around her. 

~ Dr. Shelley Plumb, M.D.,
President, PlumbTalk, Inc.

You are an excellent communicator of knowledge related to ancient philosophies that impact 21st century healthy lifestyle and wellness issues…. I am hopeful that we can arrange other opportunities for you to present within our community of scholars in the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing.

~ Dr. Susan Dyess, Assistant Professor,
Holistic Nursing, Florida Atlantic University

Selected Topics

  • How To Have Happy Hormones: Cortisol Is The Problem, Oxytocin Is The Solution
  • Everything You Need To Know About “Womanpause” – But Didn’t Know Who To Ask
  • Mastering Your Metabolism: The Real Truth About Enjoying Ideal Weight
  • The Art of Ageless Aging: Solutions For Baby Boomer Women
  • The Beauty of Ayurveda: Ancient Yogic Wisdom For Modern Wellness

 Please Note: speaking engagements can be tailored to suit each client’s needs