Women’s Education Group is proud to present the following speakers to your group or organization.


Barbara Biziou

“Practical Spirituality and Powerful Rituals for Life-changing Results!”

Barbara is an agent of change who integrates her extensive knowledge of practical spirituality; global rituals, neuroscience and business to help people around the world make simple choices that lead to life-changing results. Her personable speaking style, down-to-earth story telling, and remarkable knowledge have enriched the lives of thousands of participants over the last three decades.


Dr. Andrea S. Gould

Enlightened Inspiration for Transformation

“Dr. Andrea’s corporate entity, Lucid Learning Systems, LLC is unique… first and foremost, because it is the reflection of a gifted individual whose lucidity, intellect, intuition and compassion are tangible forces that she brings into focus to assist every client she serves. Lucid Learning also defines the nature of her own unquenchable thirst for knowledge, her joy in embarking on new paths and her delight in discovering new truths.” –Abby Hagyard, Montreal, CA


Halley Elise

Halley has worked for more than 3 decades as a Spiritual entrepreneur, Empowerment Psychic, Speaker and media personality.

In 1995, desiring a greater contribution to society, Halley founded Mysteries by Halley Élise. She sees clients and facilitates various programs at this locale. She has written articles for a myriad of publications and websites, is the author of Treasures Within and is a contributing author in the Thank God I series. As a renowned Radio and TV host, Halley highlights conscious awareness, harmony, psychic phenomena, empowerment and personal development.


Dr. Karen Jacobson

“Design a life of possibility rather than limitation, a life of choice not chance!”

As a High Performance Strategist, Dr. Karen Jacobson shows entrepreneurs, executive and leaders how to stay at the top of their game while regaining balance in relationships, health and life; to tap into limitless power within, unlock ultimate potential and live an extraordinary life.


Jan Kinder

“Self-Awareness, Self-Care and Self-Discovery are Essential Avenues to Creatively and Joyfully Express Your Fullest Potential For a Productive and Fulfilling Personal and Professional Life.”

A leader in holistic nursing and mind body health, Jan is an internationally recognized keynote speaker/workshop presenter, stress reduction professional, health and wellness nurse coach, meditation mentor, music therapist, therapeutic sound and color healing practitioner, and author, as well as among the first certified Chopra Center instructors.


Susan Joyce Proctor

“Balance is an inside job. Women need to be aligned with their own inner wisdom to fulfill our potential for creating a more balanced world.”

Susan Joyce Proctor, D.ay., M.B.A., is a dynamic speaker with over 30 years experience inspiring diverse audiences throughout the US and Australia. She is a seasoned wellness practitioner and former NY Bank VP. Susan offers a proprietary healing model that optimizes the potential for women’s balance, vitality and leadership in the 21st century.