Halley Élise, B Div C Ht

Empowerment Psychic

Halley possesses an incredible degree of psychic skill, which she uses to deepen and enhance all assemblages. Her priority is to provide an authentic, multifaceted, and energetic experience.


Halley has worked for more than 3 decades as a Spiritual entrepreneur, Empowerment Psychic, Speaker and media personality.

In 1995, desiring a greater contribution to society, Halley founded Mysteries by Halley Elise. She sees clients and facilitates various programs at this locale. She has written articles for a myriad of publications and websites, is the author of Treasures Within and is a contributing author in the Thank God I series. As a renowned Radio and TV host, Halley highlights conscious awareness, harmony, psychic phenomena, empowerment and personal development.

Halley is included in the Top 100 Psychics in America 2014, and has been featured in the News multiple times- Sun Sentinel, Palm Beach Post and Boca News. She currently hosts The Halley Elise Show on WNN Radio 1470AM/95.3FM with simulcast on AMP2 TV and multiple online social media sites- The show’s audience, millions worldwide. Halley has shared her wisdom in the Happy Herald as a columnist, online news and is often a guest on radio/TV across the US. Her appearances include the ABC radio network and the Debra Duncan show in TX. In 2016 the TLC television crew filmed an episode of Jazz at Halley’s office featuring Halley’s abilities. In the book, Bridge of Deaths by MCV Egan, one of the main characters was modeled after Halley.


Her acute awareness and intuitiveness are both shocking and impressive. Halley is a very special individual. In my twenty-four years of practice, I have never seen anyone quite like her. ” – Clifford A. Goldstein, D C, Deerfield

“…Frankly, I love it and loved her! I have witnessed in person many world-class psychics such as John Holland, Lisa Williams and Collette Baren Reid with great respect. What set Halley apart was that I personally felt the goodness of her soul and the kindness of her heart fill the entire room” – Kristin Mackey, Speaker and Coach

“I’m sure you’ve seen It’s a Wonderful Life, right? I’ve always been somewhat fascinated by the idea of one person directly affecting others’ lives. I’ve also always pondered how life would be different if I had gone one way instead of the other. Well, what I know for sure is this . . . you have been a blessing in my life, and I know for a fact it would be different had I never met you. . . so “thank God I” did!”  – Bessie Dernikos, FAU Professor

“Yesterday I had a blast at Halley Elise’ Psychic Gallery. Her meditation (which is ALWAYS good) touched a particularly high note with me and what I experienced and visualized was extraordinary.”  – MCV Egan, Bridge of Deaths Author

Selected Topics

Halley’s multifaceted background makes her the perfect candidate for a speaker at your conference or program!

Each program is experiential, humorous and informative!

Access Your Intuition for Business Success

Psychic Phenomena: Developing Your Abilities

Inspiration and Motivation: I’ve Been Diagnosed, Now What?!

Meditation and Wellness: Stress Management For Any Situation

Being and Manifesting: More Accomplishments By Opening To Your Intuition and The Law Of Attraction


Some of Halley’s Presentations include: Lancome, World Life Expo, Theosophical Society, D & S Auto Transport, Givenchy, Kings Point, New Life Expo and Toastmasters