Baby Boomers

Whenever I tell a baby boomer friend I’m writing a book, BANDSTAND DIARIES, about the Regulars who danced on American Bandstand in its Philadelphia heyday – 1957 to 1963 – I see a big smile appear. Fans of the daily dance show distinctly remember the names of teens like Arlene and Kenny, Bob and Justine, Carmen and Ivette, Frani Giordano, Carole Scaldiferri, Pat Molittieri, Billy Cook and the rest of the Regulars who danced and romanced across our grainy black-and-white television sets. This was the first time in American history that teenagers were so prominently featured for young and old to enjoy. And the one question on everyone’s lips is “Whatever Became of…?” That’s what I set out to answer some three years ago when, through the magic of Facebook, I was able to contact Arlene Sullivan. I told her

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