Andrea S. Gould, Ph.D.,

Founder of Lucid Learning Systems, LLC

“The truth is we all need guidance and direction to excavate the buried treasure of our own inner beauty and potential. Upon personal exploration into our truest selves, we can absolutely find the jewel of inner radiance.”

Enhanced Learning and Growth Processes for individuals, organizations, and communities

Through her “Lucid Leadership,” Dr. Andrea Gould takes us on a journey to experience and manifest myriad opportunities for self-reflection discovery and growth. Dr. Gould appreciates the significance of how personal style and preferences shape true talents with respect to life purpose and life-style. Her programs reach deeply into the choice making process clarifying where we fit in this world by masterfully uncovering our purpose and calling. Dissolving the patterns that obstruct our growth relieves anxiety and heightens a sense of meaning, relevance, and belonging. With decades of experience as a clinical and organizational psychologist chock full of insights into what makes people tick, Dr. Gould shares her skills and personal experience in assisting and supporting the best of each of us in personal and working relationships— building a context of effectiveness, positive regard and goodwill for the fulfillment of everyone involved.

Dr. Andrea Gould is a licensed psychologist, board certified in cognitive psychology. She’s an entrepreneurial coach and seminar leader. Her work with groups and individuals provides inspired and creative guidance for people navigating crossroads personally and professionally. Her career work in educational and business settings shapes her multifaceted approach toward wellbeing—artfully guiding her clients toward well-integrated and powerful living.


Like a many-faceted gem, Andrea brought a rare combination of skills, knowledge and talent to the work of illuminating and expanding my life. It was Andrea’s gift for metaphor that provided me with keepsakes, which continue to enlighten and transform my path to this day.

Rhoda Koenig, Educator, Author of Learning for Keeps

Andrea is a magnetic force that draws diverse people together to explore the ways and means of steering humanity in a direction of seamless collaboration, sustainability and consciousness.

Anne Mayer-Kristiansen, Senior Project Engineer, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc


Ÿ Lifespan Changes, Transitions, and Transformations Ÿ Human Relations and Intimate relationships
Ÿ Entrepreneurial Development Ÿ Organizational Team Building

Selected Topics

  • For People who Work with People: Enhancing relationship productivity in the workplace
  • Constructive Configurations: Building workplace teams that work
  • Finding your Place in the World: The all-important search
  • Psychology of Environment: Creating spaces that inspire!
  • Nurturing your Inner Beauty: Finessing the power of essence
  • Preparing for Partnership: Making differences work for you!
  • Walking the Path of Menopause: Maximizing energy at that certain stage of life