Ordinary Women of the World: Our Unsung Heroines

In honor of Fahmia Alfoith This 2016 International Women’s Month finds our half the sky, half full and half empty. But today, we want to focus on the “half full” as we celebrate and enjoy the extensiveness of women’s lives and rejoice on the extraordinary accomplishments of their ordinary existence. As mothers, daughters, sisters and friends, women are the caregivers, the teachers, and the healers of sick bodies and broken spirits. In the arts, they are the beauty behind the inspiration. In science, sports, and leadership women are as indomitable as men in the pursuit of their lives’ purposes. To men, women provide a safe harbor and the light of wisdom to reach their deepest dreams. To communities, women supply sustainable roots, energy and hope. In the world, they are its soul and peace keepers, planners behind the scenes and

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